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Developing your brief, design and preparing your drawings and specifications is just the start...

In basic terms the Party Wall Act simply tries to manage building work on or against a boundary line. In practice, owners and neighbours often feel the system is against them and an unnecessary expense. However, early advice can often prevent conflict escalating where none is intended, and minimise problems should it occur. There's usually a solution to suit all parties.

We can help advise you whether you are planning work near your boundary, or if you have received notice from your neighbours.

For many years, architects have been concerned about environmental issues; now with an official Climate Emergency we are all concerned.

We have a lot of experience carefully tailoring solutions for our clients, from the integrated fabric ceilings, heat and light shown at Lakeland, to solar shading, ventilation and daylighting systems. At Spirax, we specified the first installation of an innovative phase change cooling system.

We can provide you with simple analysis of our proposals, sun and daylight studies, to give you an early idea of your carbon footprint and to help optimise our designs.

It is the inside of our buildings that we touch - door handles, rails, switches - and these choices are vital parts of any project. So it seems odd that Spaceplanning & Interiors are ever separated from architecture.

We always consider how the inside of our buildings work best, but sometimes you will need more. With experience from exuberant nightclubs and bars, to shops and offices, we can help you to make the best use of your space.

We say that the creation of great spaces, whether interior or exterior ones, is the fundamental concern of architects, not the creation of walls and facades. This is why we chose the open-ended name of VOID.

Our buildings are always part of a bigger picture - we are sensitive to their setting, and work with other professionals to get the best results, whether the extensive flood management and forestry at Lakeland or a small courtyard.

We can even claim an award winning garden at Chelsea!

More than pretty pictures - we can produce views of any part of a design at any stage, so you can see what is going on, what's possible, and what impact it has

Void's name was chosen to suit its involvement in theatre as much as architecture - visit our site dedicated to our performance work

This includes details of many performances internationally over many years, and most recently an exhibition we organised on special effects for the Wilson Art Gallery in Cheltenham in 2018.

What else do you need?

There are a wide range of other services we can provide, either as part of a project, or as a stand-alone service.

Please contact us if you think there is anything that we could help you with.

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